TUG Executive Series to coincide with TEC 2010

TUG starts its Executive Series…..
oriented at LOB and execs of our member firms, coincident with TEC2010.
Seating is restricted to Company or IT executives and mangement. 

TUG Executive Series: Commercial Open Source for the Enterprise
Tue, April 27th, 2010 – Toronto Ontario. Seating is limited register now
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Commercial Open Source for the Enterpriseregister 
Tuesday April 27th, 2010

LOCATION: Schulich School of Business
Private Dining Room, Executive Learning Centre
4700 Keele Street,  (56 Fine Arts Road)
Toronto, ON   M3J 1P3

Registration & Breakfast:   7:15 am – 8:30 am
Session with Larry Augustin:  8:30 am – 10:00 am

Running your business in a tight and competitive economy, you understand that your approach to enterprise applications can be critical to the future of the organization. Using Open Source, often in combination with Cloud Computing, promises dramatic cost savings and increase in flexibility and responsiveness to business needs. Our session explores the maturation of open source for commercial purposes and the steady increase in its value; and proposes Enterprise Open Source as a “safe bet” at the dawn of 2010.

A 2008 Forrester Research survey recorded that 58% of IT execs use open source for mission critical applications, 79% within their applications infrastructure. While cost advantage is obvious, fully 80% cite factors other than cost such as open standards support, avoidance of vendor lock-in, ease of integration.  

Join me and special guest Speaker Larry Augustin as we explore Commercial Open Source and use of Open Source in enterprise including cost and risk benefit comparison to proprietary software. We’ll share perspectives and ideas and offer practical guidance .  


Larry Augustin
CEO, SugarCRM  

Larry is an Open Source pioneer, “angel investor”, and advisor to early stage technology companies from Cupertino California. He currently serves on the Boards of Directors of Appcelerator, Compiere, DeviceVM, DotNetNuke, Fonality, Hyperic, Medsphere, Pentaho and SugarCRM.  

One of the group who coined the term “Open Source”, he has written and spoken extensively on Open Source worldwide. Worth Magazine named him to their list of the Top 50 CEOs in 2000.  

From 2002 to 2004 he was a Venture Partner at Azure Capital Partners. In 1993 he founded VA Linux (now SourceForge, NASDAQ:LNUX) serving as CEO until August 2002. While CEO he launched SourceForge.net and led the company through an IPO in December 1999.  

Larry holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame.  

Key areas of discussion include:  

  • A brief overview of Commercial Open Source and its benefits;
  • Application Quality;
  • Cloud Computing and Open Source;
  • Strategies to dramatically lower costs and break vendor lock;
  • Where to start in assessing and mitigating risk associated with Commercial Open Source.

Join your peers to share innovation, ideas, challenges and experiences, and get insight from market makers..  

To confirm your attendance to this event, please click here. Admission is $50 (FREE to qualified IT executives and invited guests). Remember, seating is limited, so don’t delay. I hope to see you there.  

Best regards,  

Mark Buchner  

Mark Buchner
Executive Director
Toronto Users Group for Power Systems  


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