TEC Announcements from Feb 17 “Unleash the Power of Innovation” Event at IBM Canada Lab

Whether you were a TUG member or just interested in IBM Power Systems and Software, our special meeting: Unleash the Power Of Innovation, was the place to be on Feb 17.

On behalf of the TUG group I’d like to thank Karen Hunt, Linda Cole, George Farr,  and Kathy Gregson, along with a big team of IBMers,  for helping to make it possible. It’s a very exciting event because… well …….we sure need a spark in the midst of the WEAK economy … and IBM gave us just that in the form of POWER 7.  It positively affects the entire system, software and solution ecosystem.

We had two special guests, flown in from the US, to support the event which was, yes, a LIVE event … not a virtual one. 

Hayden Lindsay, VP of Rational and Danny Mace helped us understand how to Power our Innovation with Rational Software.

Chuck Wallace, from Rochester Minnesota detailed the POWER 7 announcement.

After learning about all the fantastic new possibilities, what do you do next?

Here’s what I would recommend:

  • Learn more about technologies: Increase your technical vitality and your value to your employer
  • Identify ways to apply these skills in your business, to solve real problems, and help to “Make this a smarter planet”.
  • Network with peers and community.

At TUG we made it easy for you to do all that. It’s TEC2010!

TEC 2010 is the annual Technical Education Conference for IBM Systems users, organized by the Toronto Users Group for Power Systems.  

TEC is being conducted this year in a brand new format, at Seneca @ York, which promises far greater variety and subjects of interest than in previous years, as well as opportunity for far more hands-on learning experiences and greater interaction with industry peers.

 Don’t be confused about where this is… it’s at the York University Campus… in the Stephen E. Quinlan (SEQ) Building,  Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building as well as Schulich School of Business, Canada’s Top MBA program at the Keele Campus.

One the biggest benefits is the scalability we have,  and deep enablement with hands-on labs. Seneca @ York (which operates in the SEQ building) is part of the IBM Power Academic Initiative, with directors Linda Grigoleit in Rochester, and Russ Pangborn, Professor at Seneca. Russ, who serves on the board of the Toronto User Group, also  teaches a full IBM curriculum and enables integration with large-scale technology infrastructure and IBM Power Systems.  Both these individuals deserve extra credit.

We picked important themes to match what we believe and hear our members want. Two of them, we will get a good taste for later today, and three others I want to highlight right now.

TUGPOWER7MOM This is a link to the PowerPoint slides.


You expect deeper dives into the latest POWER7 HW and Software announcements, and we will deliver. Ian Jarman is coming as rep for IBM STG with Keynote and detailed sessions. Greg Hintermeister and others are coming to detail Systems Director and other STG software.

The new and exciting news is that we have a really strong AIX line-up. I went to the POWER 7 champions meeting in Austin Texas, where 400 top WW AIX technical professionals were assembled.  I went there with a mission.. I wanted to find, meet and invite whoever is the “Frank Soltis” of AIX, TEC. I found him. He was so obviously skilled, uniquely experienced, and the  Alpha-leader of the technical community, that I accomplished my goal. So I’m thrilled now to report that Dr. Joel Tendler, a Unix, POWER, RS/6000 pioneer and community leader from Austin Texas, has accepted our invitation.

Tell your UNIX and AIX brethren. ..Even if you aren’t an AIX user today.. this may make you think about it in the future.


AD- Rational

All the AD topics we hear about these days—by attending TEC 2010, you’ll gain a much better understanding of how they work. We have full tracks detailing AD tools and Rational Software. If you are a developer, you must come to TEC 2010.

Commercial Open  Source: PHP,SugarCRM

Whenever I poll our users, PHP and open source consistently come up.  PHP has been one of the most popular topics in the history of TUG.  So, the TEC committee members didn’t fool around, but went  straight to the source. Look now.. the author of PHP and co –founder of Zend, Zeev Surkaski, will be our TEC keynote speaker and spend time in technical labs, showcasing his product. So if you are teed up to learn PHP, initiate or finish projects… I can’t think of a better investment of your time.

Then there is Larry Augustin.

I got to know Larry Augustin over the past year. He is a Silicon Valley-based “angel investor” and advisor to early-stage technology companies.  He currently serves on the Boards of Directors of at least 9 companies:  Appcelerator, Compiere, DeviceVM, DotNetNuke, Fonality, Hyperic, Medsphere, Pentaho and SugarCRM.  Previously, he was a Director of JBoss (acquired by Red Hat Software), XenSource (acquired by Citrix), SourceForge (NASDAQ: LNUX, previously VA Linux) and Linux International (LI).  He also serves as a Director of the non-profit industry consortium, The Linux Foundation.  One of the group who coined the term “Open Source”, he has written and spoken extensively on Open Source worldwide.  Worth Magazine named him to their list of the Top 50 CEOs in 2000 after he took VALinux public.

Larry holds Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in electrical engineering from Stanford University, and a B.S. in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame. 

Larry’s themes for TEC 2010 involve the Commercialization of Open Source. As a techie, you will want to catch him as conference keynote. If you are executive, why not join Larry for an exclusive private executive breakfast?  Commercial Open Source, such as SugarCRM, is a big trend for this next decade.

Mobile Development- BlackBerry

It started back with our famous RIM Meeting of Members last Spring, which drew an overflow audience, and since then, I noted that the market’s thirst for information regarding mobile enablement of applications seems insatiable. I went to RIM “Devcon” in November and was influenced by the buzz, the sheer momentum of people and skills. That’s where we met up with Shawn Derby from Kryos, the vendor which is also endorsed and mentioned by John DeRoos  at our RIM membership meeting. Kryos is now a major, PLATINUM sponsor of TEC 2010, and together we have a full track of related sessions helping you understand why and how to get mobile applications. Extending back-office applications to the mobile platform as a way to further extend the ROI on smartphone investments & further improve productivity. We’ll focus on showing you how you can extend your existing Systems apps to the BlackBerry.


Modernization is a continuous theme for POWER systems users. Automating application enhancements; recovering design; sprucing up legacy databases;, regenerating Java code, are all included topics. Databorough is a vital part of our TEC plans, as well as a Gold level sponsor. Your existing investments  in application software are invaluable to your business. Don’t throw them out. Instead, leverage and harvest the valuable business logic you already have as you apply modern technology.

Plus, for the first time in Canada, we’ll hear (from IBM) about “Smart Business”, and their plans and value propositions, from on-site cloud or appliance-based computing , for small & medium-sized businesses.

We have plenty other “regular” sessions, that long time TEC attendees have come to love and expect.  Key leaders in the field and consultants, such as Mel Beckman, Jon Paris, and Susan Gantner, will expertly cover timely topics of interest to IBM i users and developers.


We want to engage in “TEC talk” with you. There are special “early bird” rates available. As a non-profit organization, we’ve done everything  we can to keep our costs down, and I done think this results in incomparable value. If you are anywhere in the GTA, the cost of this is just a fraction of the cost of airfare to Florida, Vegas or other typical meeting spots.

Finally, we are organizing Exec sessions, because company executives may not be interested in 2 days of technical conferencing. Special invitations are being mailed.

Thanks or following our blog..


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