Huge News: Dr. Joel Tendler to conduct AIX Sessions at TEC 2010

I just received confirmation that Dr. Joel M. Tendler, Executive I/T Architect, CSC Account Team — UNIX Architect has received the OK from IBM to attend our TEC 2010 and conducting
key sessions.

I met Joel at the recent POWER7 Champions meet in Austin and Joel, is, in fact, champion of champions and an internationally recognized UNIX and AIX “guru”. This should make TEC2010 irresistable to AIX user community.

Dr. Joel Tendler is currently an Executive IT Architect.  He transitioned to this position in the Fall of 2006 after spending 33 years in the IBM development laboratories.  Immediately prior to this assignment, Joel was responsible for IBM’s future RISC Systems Strategy in STG.  Previously, he was one of the lead POWER4 and POWER5 architects, receiving IBM awards for his contributions to both POWER4 and POWER5 systems.  He has also held positions as the performance manager for IBM’s mainframe division, the VM design manager and the CMS development manager, a key component of IBM’s virtual machine product, now called zVM, among other positions. Joel is a member of the IEEE and holds several patents in the area of computer systems architecture.  Joel has a B.E. degree from The Cooper Union and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.



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