TEC 2010 Facility Picture Tour

A picture is worth a thousand words. Since our TEC 2010 uses a completely different approach from the conference-at-a-hotel used in the past, this picture book is to help sponsors and attendees better understand the TEC 2010 environment at Seneca@York. TEC 2010 IBM, Power Systems Users plus a leading Canadian University work in cooperation at TEC2010 and are endorsed and supported by IBM Power Academic.

Generally speaking, we plan to leverage the huge investment made by government and colleges to bring enhanced and applied technology learning to our business community. It will provide for greater interchange of knowledge and take advantage of hands-on facilities.

In our communications, we have made reference to Schulich School of Business. Schulich is immediately next to our TEC location and features an Executive Learning Center.

Part of this is the use of Schulich private dining facilities as well as hotel and accommodation space. Here is a picture of the hotel from the outside. It makes for extremely comfortable and convenient stay for vendors, and instructor team.


Attendees to TEC will first register in the location below, situated on the SEQ building just by the library and before our amphitheatre classes and Kaleidoscope room.  Gold and platinum sponsors may elect to put a booth adjacent to the registration area.



To the left of the registration area is a walkway to the TEL building, adjacent to the library. In this walkway we plan to have vendor expo area, where information booths can be reserved by bronze, silver or gold sponsors . Their area will stay up for the duration of the conference and traffic is generated because of the conference spanning both the TEL building (labs) and the SEQ building (amphitheatre, lunch, and kaleidoscope)

Next we see a more detailed view of the expo area. There is insufficient power supply, so vendors should  keep that in mind for displays. Lighting is obviously ample because of the large windows looking to the courtyard.


On the left you can see courtyard , on the right is the library .

The image here is taken from the third floor and you can see the expo area outside the glass at the top. We are working to gain library access to our TEC attendees for them to check up on content etc..

From there, its a walk through a second floor catwalk (below) or outdoors on the first floor. You then enter the TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) building.


Here a picture of the atrium. We have rooms booked on two floors: 2nd floor for labs, 3rd floor for small lecture rooms. We are not able to provide exhibitor space in this area due to University regulations.


On the second floor we have 4 lab rooms booked, as exemplified in this picture below. All systems have internet and Seneca Systems access including IBM Systems.


Lecture rooms are on the third floor.


This is an example of the lecture rooms. All the room have integrated projectors and internet access.

Let’s head back to the SEQ building, this time looking from TEL and courtyard.


In SEQ building we have our main lecture theatre S1206 which we use for main sessions.

Audio and video in integrated. Overflow room is possible once we reach 150.  

From the outside courtyard, we see the Kaleidoscope room jetting out on the left and the expo hallway in the center back.

The Kaleidoscope room will be used as a lounge area where attendees can get complimentary coffee and snacks, chat with presenters between sessions in table setting and provide for Gold and Silver sponsor tables which include power supply.

The above picture is the inside of Kaleidoscope. Picture this withvendor infomation tables around the circumpherence and food/beverage tables in the back. The room will also serve as  a meet-the-experts forum.

Right proximate to the lecture and Kaleidoscope is the cafeteria area.


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