Databorough: GOLD sponsor for TEC 2010

TEC attendees, particularly those with System i background, typically contemplate modernization of their legacy applications. It’s a particular dilemma on System i because of the strong software investment protection that conflicts with the pressure to exploit new technologies.

Databorough is the world leader in analysis and documentation of System i software assets. Databorough’s first step of analysis prepares up the customer for appropriate reengineering (i.e. reuse of artefacts, forward engineering, buying and rebuilding) and kickstarts the resulting modernization project. How does it work? What are the benefits I get? Is it worth the effort?

I’ve been following Databorough for 20 years now. I first got to know Mark Tregear when we organized the AD Program together with the AS/400 team in Rochester Minnesota. Today, I’m pleased to announce that all the collective Databorough experience, expertise and tooling is ready to help you build an end-to-end project deliver you to a new and modern application endpoint. This applies to developers of homegrown RPG, Synon, and users of traditional 5250 ISV packaged applications. End-points include Java, .net or EGL-based Model-View-Controller applications which can be populated with commercial open source, wrappered code or  forward engineered web services.

Databorough is a great partner for TEC 2010 and I am very pleased to announce Databorough’s gold sponsorship of TEC. With the hands-on labs that are scheduled, be prepared to go much further than just the theory and see the value live in jam sessions. Stay tuned for more news…we are planning an executive breakfast with special speakers to help your line of business and executives to get onboard with modernization project.



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