Kryos announced as TEC 2010 PLATINUM Sponsor

What an excellent day for our TUG community! It all started at our May 2009 MoM when John DeRoos told a packed house at the Living Arts Center that Kryos Systems of Calgary offered excellent mobile solutions for IBM Power Systems and IBM i users. That caught everyone’s attention (including myself)!

The next major moment  was when I met Shawn Derby, COO of Kryos, personally at the RIM Developer Conference in San Francisco. That’s when we hatched the idea of Kryos helping to sponsor our TEC conference. Helped along by RIM’s Anna Foat (TUG Gold Sponsor)…we’ve now got a full track of Mobile/RIM developers sessions oriented at the i and AIX developer on tap. And now, as PLATINUM sponsor, TEC attendees will have the opportunity to accelerate their plans to extend  existing applications, including 5250 application out to BlackBerry Mobile Devices.

We’ll look forward to having Best practices for BlackBerry App Dev resented by Laurie Desautels, Chantel Elliot will present a BlackBerry  App Customer case study and Tom Everett will host a Kryos Velocity hands-on Jam session.


See you at TEC! Check out our draft conference agenda at


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  1. Our team at Kryos is delighted to play a role at TEC 2010. We look forward to collaborating with all of you and discussing the business value and technical considerations of extending and enhancing your existing enterprise applications to the BlackBerry® platform. We have worked with a number of clients who have created a wide range of applications for BlackBerry smartphones using Velocity – our mobile application development platform. These applications have enhanced organization efficiency and effectiveness by delivering business function to users who, according to market research, find themselves anyway from their computer 39% of the time. Attendees will learn about best practices for design and delivery of applications to the BlackBerry smartphone and the will see a variety of applications including:

    – Executive Dashboards
    – Workflow Approval
    – CRM
    – Forms Completion / Data Entry
    – Graphical Reporting
    – And more

    Kryos welcomes the opportunity to discuss your specific ideas and use cases to improve your users’ productivity and leverage your current investments in applications and BlackBerry infrastructure. Drop me a line or visit .

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