TEC 2010

TEC 2010

TEC is the annual TEchnical Conference for IBM Systems users organized by the Toronto Users Group for Power Systems (TUG).  For 2010, TEC is being conducted in a brand new format which promises far greater variety and subjects of interest as well as opportunity for hand-on learning experience and greater interaction with industry peers. It takes place in a high-tech university environment instead of a traditional hotel. We are aiming this squarely at developers and systems administrators engaged in IBM Systems, including:  i, AIX, Linux & BladeCenter.

TEC 2010 Highlights:

–        Power 7 news and updates spanning i, AIX Linux and BladeCenter

–        Commercial Open Source including PHP, MYSLQ, SugarCRM

–        Mobile Development featuring BlackBerry

–        Continued evolvement of Web application development and modernization

The first two days of our conference will feature nine subject tracks at York University (Seneca@ York and Schulich School of Business). There is a mixture of “main tent”, lecture and hands-on sessions. We are featuring Open Source technology with emphasis on PHP, MYSQL and SugarCRM, as well as mobile development for RIM Blackberries. Of course, we add all the latest in Power 7 announcements, Rational products, Web Middleware and app development issues, i and AIX updates, as well as traditional RPG, DB2 and SQL topics. We also have identified a set of practical introductory sessions to help some folks become acquainted with select new technologies, without fear of asking “embarrassing” questions. The Schulich School of Business is right next door and we have made arrangements to host private dining room executive meetings for special interests. This is meant to help align the IT and LOB folks within our user community.

The third day is held at the IBM Canada Lab and is will feature “hands-on” open labs, including the newest releases and products.

TEC 2010 represents a novel approach to technical conferences and will set the pace for the next decade. We recognize budgets cuts, travel cuts and strong economic pressure, but realize that IT is not the problem; rather, part of the solution. We aim to provide a deeply meaningful forum that will increase the technical vitality and market value of the participants while helping navigate through technical choices that affect your career. Those RPG and CL skills may not be enough to keep your job and business going another ten years!! We will also begin a process of building a stronger TEC brand image and alignment to the needs of all IBM Power Systems users, operators and developers across Canada and the US states close to Toronto.

Why TEC 2010??

–          Increase your technical vitality: Use hot new technologies that the market wants 

–          Put your career on track next decade: understand new technologies that add business value

–          Enhance your market value: network with peers, industry leaders and academia


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