TEC 2010 Academic Involvement

Academic Involvement

Our TEC conference will showcase close industry/academic links with Colleges and Universities. The event is being conduction in cooperation with Seneca College and York University.

The following are highlights of this cooperation:

–                      Because of Seneca’s excellent facilities and availability of IBM equipment and labs, we will feature numerous hands-on and jam session to provide attendees a greater feel for technologies and products. We can easily scale these to match interest;

–                      We will feature novice, intermediate and advanced sessions and not just ones oriented at selling new IBM products;

–                      We will feature greater cooperation of college and user groups, and include student volunteers, lab coordinators, session administrators  for interested faculty and students;

–                      We will include new tracks and sessions, based on TUG market research, which are highly market-oriented but equally interesting to the academic environment. This includes RIM BlackBerry application development, use of Open Source in commercial applications, web-middleware and Business Process Management;

–                      We will aggressively expand outside the traditional iSeries area and also include IBM AIX (Unix) Linux, WebSphere and Rational users.

Technical vitality and career longevity goals are common to TUG members and Seneca/York students alike. We similarly note a strong desire by students to gain practical experience in industry, make contacts and immerse themselves in real business scenarios, so as to increase their marketability and will foster interaction wherever possible.

This plan has caught considerable international attention at IBM. While summarizing a recent telecom with 7 representatives from IBM, Linda Grigoleit, who is IBM’s Program Manager for Power Systems Academic Initiative says:  “The collaboration between TUG and Seneca is terrific, one we’d like to feature in a variety of ways”.


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