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Day 1 and Day 2 of the year’s TEC conference will be held  at Seneca@York which is in the middle of the York University Keele Street Campus — Between Hwy 401 and 407 east of Hwy 400 in Toronto.

 A series of labs and presentations will be held in the TEL building . TEL us a project between Seneca College and York University to create a building devoted to enhanced partnerships and furthering the use of technology in education. See the TEL building virtual tour at https://cs.senecac.on.ca/virtual_tour/tel_building.html

TEC has secured the following rooms.

– TEL building labs T2107, 2108, 2109 and 2110

– TEL building classrooms T3131, 3133, 3135 and 3132

  Furthermore, we will be using the Stephen Quinlan Building (SEQ) which is attached to the TEL building via second floor walkway. This building is owned by Seneca College and features large amphitheatre seating, and expansive technical library and registration facilities. The TEC conference registration area will be outside the 2nd floor Seneca office. Vendor showcase booths will be situated around the registration area and library. Seneca’s Aramark catering services will be used for the event.

 We will use the 2nd floor Kaleidoscope room as a meeting/hospitality area and also have access to the cafeteria to organize our lunches as well as the student pub. We plan to have vendor information tables, “meet-the-experts” roundtables and be able to serve snacks, coffee and possibly beer & wine.

There are several hotel choices nearby with plentiful public transit. A parking garage is next door. TEC will work with York U to arrange pre-paid parking passes to all attendees. Out-of-town attendees may also choose to stay at the on-campus Schulich Executive Learning Centre which is immediately next door to our facility.


Check out the Schulich facility at http://seec.schulich.yorku.ca/aboutus/about/index.html


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  1. For a detailed MAP of the York U Keele Campus, go to:

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